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Purchase over $100 and you can get 20% off your order by typing the word SANDIA into the "DISCOUNT" section of shopping cart on checkout.  




January 2018 I raised the price of the bar to $7, it has been a decade since the last price increase.  

19 years of soap making and I haven't shrank the bar or switched to cheaper ingredients to keep prices down.  It's still the good old 6 ounce bar that I formulated back in 1999.   

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS.   Yes, I did increase the minimum to 6 bars but who wouldn't want another bar of soap in the house if they get free shipping.

Thanks for all your orders over the last 19 years and looking forward to shipping soap to you for the next 19.

( For all you Amazon customers, look for an AMAZON button on my shopping cart for easier purchases later this Spring )

Christopher Norton

Owner and still the only soap maker at Sandia Soap Company